Tired of wearing loose-fitting jumpers and baggy shirts because you do not feel assertive about your breasts? Do you deter to look in the mirror in a way of flaunting your curves? If you nodded in yes, breast surgery options that SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic offers can be a blessing for you. By undergoing breast surgery at our clinic, you can show your cleavage off confidently to their best potential, attain a faultless breast look and get rid of sagging, imperfect, or even lop-sided breasts. Here, all the surgeries are supervised by Dr. Vivek Kumar, a renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeon.

About Doctor

Dr. Vivek Kumar is a board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon working and serving devotedly as a Senior Consultant in the field of cosmetic surgery at SIR GANGA RAM HOSPITAL, New Delhi, India.

Being one of the most renowned and well-known cosmetic surgeons in Delhi, he possess celestial experience in the arena of cosmetic and plastic surgery. He has grossed a lot of admiration and was rewarded with many prominent awards such as LIMKA BOOK OF RECORDS 2008 that he got because of his own praiseworthy work and devotion towards his profession. His surgical brilliance and enthusiasm in plastic and cosmetic surgery is truly commendable.

About Clinic

SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic is a center that can gratify the needs of every lady who is simply dissatisfied the shape and size of her breasts.

We all know that breasts are the most important assets of a woman’s body. To enhance their appearance, SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic puts forth myriad options of breast surgery in Delhi. It is the best center that provides a perfect and comfy setting for carrying out all the acne scar treatments with the aid of high-end technology.

At SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic, we provide you with adept help in deciding the type of breast surgery that you need for attaining a perfect breast contour. The specialists at our clinic work with result-oriented methodology.

Breast Surgery in Delhi, India

The contour and size of the breasts has always been a substance of anxiety when it comes to their general body figure and looks of a lady.While a ballooning number of females who are not gratified with their breast size and silhouette are going in for breast enhancement with implants, many feel apprehensive about implant insertion. Such ladies can take the shield of breast augmentation by fat transfer approach. This ‘natural’ solution makes use of your own fat instead of implants to accomplish your breast enlargement goals.

Breast augmentation by fat transfer

Fat transfer, also recognized as fat grafting or fat injections, is a natural, a tad invasive surgery in Delhi, India for those seeking breast enlargement surgeries. Many ladies have been developing a penchant towards breast enlargement by fat injection because it would offer more natural-looking outcomes and that too in a benign manner. Before undergoing this method, you should be cognizant that your breasts should already have a satisfactory shape and decent skin tone.

This treatment implicates collecting fat from various zones of your body such as tummy, sides, outer thighs and then having it re-immunized into your breasts to give them full volume and enhanced outline. It is a marginally invasive process implemented under local anesthesia. As it is your own tissue, there are zero chances of denial or sensitized retort. When the fat is injected into the breasts, it will give rise to eternal, bigger and natural breasts. For better and well-timed healing, gauze is sited on the injected breasts.

Maximum ladies who are anxious about their physical appearance desire to have attention-grabbing and well-rounded breasts.A well-rounded bosom boosts a woman’s body figure and elevates her self-confidence and cheerfulness. Due to this reason, breast augmentation by implant is one of the most extensive plastic surgery techniques at this time.

Breast augmentation in Delhi with implants

Breast augmentation surgery with implants incorporates the insertion of medicinal prosthesis or implants to restructure the breast or enrich shape, magnitude, and/or position of your breasts. When it comes to breast implants, you have got a multiplicity of breast implants to pick from. There are saline and silicone gel implants, round and anatomical or teardrop breast implants, smooth and textured breast implants etc. Usually, breast augmentation surgery is chosen by females when their breast size is disproportionately small, to stabilize some disparity in breast size, to streamline breasts that have lost their form from breast-feeding or aging and even as a reconstructive procedure post breast surgery.

During the breast enlargement surgery in Delhi India, the surgeon will make a cut along the areola. Once the surgeon has made the cut for the surgery to proceed, he will craft a pocket behind the breast, forming space for the implant. After the pocket has been made, the doctor will place the breast implant cautiously. After this, he will close the cut and place bandages around the region in order to accelerate the healing. Recovery time following augmentation surgery is dependent on several elements such as type and size of breast implants incision location, etc.

As ladies bear children, breastfeed and grow older, the effects of childbearing and time can be seen on their breasts in the form of drooping bosom.To combat the disquiet of sagging, a procedure known as a breast lift or mastopexy can be executed to restore breasts to a more natural and alluring shape and position, higher-up on the chest. This simple breast lift process can restore an older or drooping chest back to a young-looking contour.

Breast lift surgery

Mastopexy or frequently called breast lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure implemented to restructure or raise floppy breasts. Ladies who are comfortable with the size of their breasts may decide on a breast lift so as to firm them for a perkier breast curvature. If a woman has sagging or slouched breasts, there is insufficiency of matter in the breasts or if the areolas point downward, she can resort to breast lift surgery. Undergoing this surgery will augment her self-esteem and body appearance.

Breast lift surgery in New Delhi is carried out under general anesthesia. In this method, the underlying breast tissue is raised and rearranged to mend the firmness of the breasts and their outline. The nipple and areola are upraised and placed in a more youthful position. If needed, overblown areolas are edited by removing skin at the edge. Any excess breast skin is separated to recompense for loss of elasticity. The residual skin is tightened and the cuts are closed. You should keep away from heavy-lifting or strenuous body activities post-surgery.

Do you think that your enormous breasts have started looking off-the-wall in line with your whole body outline?You may wish to get rid of additional breast fat, skin and glandular tissue to attain a spotless breast size in proportion with your physique. At SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic in Delhi India, Breast reduction surgery comes as s superlative opportunity for females with gigantic breasts to amplify their quality of life and well-being.

Breast reduction surgery

A breast reduction or mammoplasty is a superlative route for women who have massive, oversize breasts. The surgery incorporates removing surplus breast fat, skin and glandular tissue from the breasts to restore shape and lessen the problems prompted by gigantic breasts. If your breasts are too huge in comparison to your whole body configuration or you have weighty breasts that have areolas which point down, you can assuredly consider going in for this surgery.

The process implicates the deletion of tissues with the aim of shrinking the size of each breast and to create a more pleasingly good-looking outline. Cuts may be made at the crease of the breast and/or around the nipples. From these, the breast reduction surgeon then eliminates superfluous tissues, fleshy regions and skin. Since the mass of the bosoms are reduced, modification in the location of the nipples is customarily done. Nipples are now situated higher on the breast so the proportion is retained. After the surgery, it is expected from the patient to sleep in an upright position for about 1-2 weeks after operation as this will accelerate recovery.

Big breasts are for females and firm muscled chests are for males. Big breasts are always linked with women and if men are found to have feminine breasts, this could distract the customs of the society.If you are ashamed of having to take your shirt off at the beach or in front of a lady for the first time, male breast reduction surgery or gynecomastia surgery is the ultimate choice for you.

Male breast reduction surgery

A male breast reduction is a medical method meant for fixing gynecomastia. Many men undertake this surgery as it helps in restructuring swollen or over-developed breasts in males. The surgery encompasses the use of liposuction or excision to eliminate surplus fat, along with the elimination of superfluous skin and glandular tissue. Undergoing a gynecomastia surgery will give your chest a firmer, manly definition that match well with your proportions and body form in a commendable way. Usually, the finest candidate for breast reduction surgery is a man whose breast growth has blocked and development has steadied. Also, a man who has tried standby medical treatments to repair the gynecomastia, though with fruitless outcomes can opt for this route.

If there is needless glandular tissue fat and skin, the operation will remove all such malformations. In New Delhi, This male breast reduction surgery can be performed alone or in unification with lipoplasty. After the surgery gets over, you will be dressed and will be demanded to wear a compression garment and you may have a surgical drain as well.



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